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2014, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering (Emphasis in Photonics), Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Dissertation: All Optical Binary Delta Sigma Modulator design.

2009, M.Sc., Electrical Engineering (Emphasis in Semiconductors), AmirKabir University, Tehran, Iran

Thesis: Low Temperature Growth of Carbon Nanotubes for Realization of Field Emission Transistors.

2006, B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, Azad University, Central Tehran Branch, Tehran, Iran

Thesis: Next Generation Network Realization







research and teaching assistant, photonic laboratory (siuc) – CARBONDALE, IL • 2009 - PRESENT

The Photonics Laboratory at SIUC conducts research on neural networks, image transmission through optical fiber, 3D optical storage, and photonic delta sigma modulators


§  Design photonic circuits and validate the design by a system scale model. Simulate each element and characterize the active and passive elements used in the optical circuit.


§  Characterize EDFA and SOA optical switching loop.


§  Contribute in the writing and attainment of research grants for measuring blood sugar based on change in light polarization in Fabry-Perot system.


§  Supervise one Ph.D. student, two master’s students, and several undergraduate students in the photonic lab.


§  Prepare materials for photonic LAB undergraduate classes, supervise experiments, and grade assignments.


§  Designed, developed and analyzed a fully optical delta sigma modulator for modulating the RF signals and realization of optical logical gates used in military and civilian applications.


§  Created a new switch called proteresis, instead of the conventional hysteresis switch, which improved the A/D sample rate by 100%, from 500 MHz to 1GHz for a single wavelength. (The new method does not require the actual switch to be changed and improves the switching especially in sub Nano second application.)


§  Introduced all-optical bi-directional linkage of the power switches (PS) and sensors which are embedded in a harsh environment to the control/gate drives (CD) electronics in a benign reduce high temperature and EM noise.


semiconducter researcher, center for advanced friction studies (CAFS) (SIUC) – CARBONDALE, IL • 2011 - 2013


CAFS research is focused on the science of friction materials with primary research on carbon composites, polymer composites, thermal effects, wet friction, and Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE) methods.

§  Researched new techniques in the application of CNTs as a reinforcement of biomedical material, Poly Lactic Glycolic Acid (PLGA) for improving the mechanical properties of bone stem cells.



§  Proposed a new method for fabricating bone stems cells.

§  Contributed to the development and acceptance of a research grant and feasibility study for 3d printing of the bone tissue.

RESEARCH ASSISTANT, Intelligent Measurement and Evaluation Laboratory (IMEL), COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (SIUC) – CARBONDALE, IL • 2010 - 2012


IMEL conducts novel research and development activities including damage detection and characterization in Polymer Matrix Composites (PMCs) using non-destructive evaluation (NDE) techniques.


§  Research focused on the design of neural networks capable of simulating the fabrication process of brake pads based on the input materials and calculating the friction factor of the final product.

§  On behalf of a Boeing Company research project, designed a neural network for Non Destructive Test (NDT) capable of detecting the defective area and classifying the type of defects in Boeing airplane brake pads with 1/10 of the data and a vastly improved processing time, 4-5 minutes instead of 20-30 minutes.

§  Simulated the fabrication of the copper free brake pads on behalf of CAFS, which reduced the fabrication cost by 1/3.



The Thin Film Laboratory at the Tehran University is focused on the realization of various electronic devices such as sensor, transistors, and displays.


§  Led and participated in various research activities including PECVD setup and RIE automation.

§  Conducted research into feasibility, design, operations and validation of AC-DC plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) capable of low temperature vertical growth.

o    Low temperature growth of CNTs from 650C to 450C

o    Gained better CNT alignment and less defects

o    Higher electron emission properties

o    Group manager for the team which was enlisted to design PECVD for 2 more universities in Iran.

§  Application of CNTs in deferent areas

§  Team manager for the automation of the Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) set up.

§  Repaired the ion implanter set up and designed the nano lithography system.  


§  Led the automation of the Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) and Ion implanter set up system.

§  Played a key role in creating a controlled, clean room environment for the fabrication of semiconductor components.






N. Davoudzadeh, M. Tafazoli, and M. R. Sayeh,  “All Optical Proteretic (Reversed-Hysteretic) Delta-Sigma Modulator”, IEEE Journal of Lightwave Technology, Under review.

N. Davoudzadeh, and M. R. Sayeh, “Optical Square Wave Clock Generation Based on an All Optical Flip-Flop,” to be submitted to IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications and Networking.

N. Davoudzadeh, M. Tafazoli, and M. R. Sayeh, “Reversed-hysteretic bi-stable device” Optics Communications, Volume 331, (2014), 306-309.

N. Davoudzadeh, M. Tafazoli and M. R. Sayeh, “On linearity of all optical asynchronous binary delta-sigma modulator,” Elsevier, Optics Communications, Volume 308, (2013), 49-53.

M. Tafazoli, N. Davoudzadeh, and M. R. Sayeh “All Optical Asynchronous Binary Delta-sigma Modulator,”  Elsevier ,Optics Communications, Volume.291, (2013), 228-231.

J. Koohsorkhi, N. Davoudzadeh, S. Mohajerzadeh, E. Asl Soleimani and H. Ghafourifard, “Suppressed field emission screening effect and electric field simulation of carbon nanotube-based triode field emitters,” Solid State Phenomena, Volume. 154, (2009), 83-88.


H. Zareie, N. Davoudzadeh, M. Tafazoli, H. Ghafoorifard and S. Mohajerzadeh, “RCS of circular carbon NANO tube antenna array,” IEEE 13th International Symposium on Antenna Technology and applied Electromagnetic and the Canadian Radio Science Meeting, ANTEM/URSI 2009, Canada, February 15-18, 2009.

H. Zareie, N. Davoudzadeh, J. Koohsorkhi, S. Mohajerzadeh, N. Rouhi, “New carbon nanotube antenna array simulation and fabrication,” SPIE Proceedings Vol. 7288, 2009.

N. Davoudzadeh, J. Koohsorkhi, S. Mohajerzadeh and H. Ghafoorifard, “Suppressed field emission screening effect with a triode structure of CNT-based electron sources,” E-MRS Fall Meeting 2008, Symposium C, Poland, September 15, 2008.




§  ECE 495C - Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Design I, Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Fall 2012. Assisted my students with the design issues, group management, project timeline and task management. Held group meetings and collected the progress report and advised the students based on the project progress report.



§  Statistical Communication System Analysis

§  BER, Receiver Performance, Spread Spectrum Communication, CDMA

§  Automated RF/Optical Measurement Setups and Data Collection

§  GPIB Driver Development in MATLAB for RF/Optical Equipment (e.g. VNA, Laser)

§  Automated Measured RF and Optical Data Collection, Save and Post Processing

§  Programming

§  Broad experience in Non-volatile memory (Nand Flash memory) physics and devices, Design of experiment and Statistical process control, Electronic circuit design, Polarization controllers, EDFA, MZI, and Fiber splicing



information mangement software engineer, cdm smith Inc. – CARBONDALE, IL • 2013 - PRESENT


CDM Smith is a consulting, engineering, construction and operations firm that provides integrated solutions in water, environment, transportation, energy and facilities to public and private clients worldwide.


§  Maintain EDW forms and reports on behalf of large government contracts.

§  Apply programming changes as required by the client.

§  Incorporate process improvements and rewrite code to accommodate growing data while still delivering optimal processing time.

§  In consultation with technical project lead, design and implement a Java-based spatial plugin for Oracle Forms Developer. 

§  Converted Oracle (PL/SQL) procedures to NZSQL procedures, delivering more business analysis capability and reducing processing time from 24 hours to 10-15 minutes.




Home Base Tech is a designer and manufacturer of housing and appliance products including shower rooms, bath tubs and steam rooms

Supervised technicians and analysts in design enhancements to existing products as well as the investigation of electrical or electronic failures of installed equipment and ongoing product maintenance.

Reduced the defects in several household articles such as refrigerators and gas cookers.

Partnered with the R&D team to design and implement a high performance temperature controller.

§  Oversaw a team of 10 technicians in the design, validation and implementation of a control panel for bath tubs which incorporated LAN connection and flow control for each valve. The new design was used in 2000+ bathtubs and was an important source of revenue for the company.




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  • International Journal of Computational Intelligence Theory and Practice, Technical Editor, 2014
  • Springer Journals, Journal of Supercomputing, 2013
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Dissertation Research Assistantship SIU (fall 2012)

Best thesis award for Master’s project (out of more than 85 master theses) (Spring 2009)

Received three years financial support for Ph.D. project from US navy (Fall 2009)

Ranked 1st (Top Student) among more than 200 graduates in my master’s degree (Fall 2008)


Student member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Member of materials Research Society (MRS) member

Member of Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE)

Member of Laser Focus World

Member of NASA Tech Briefs



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